Hello and Welcome

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I'm Dennis O'Brien owner and administrator of this website. I am a character creator and producer of marketing videos. There are some free examples that you are welcome to use. Click the button below.

  • When you start any video, right click the YouTube logo, choose copy link address
  • Use the link in any post or page. Consult your web designer if needed. 


We have a variety of characters we can use for your video creations depending on your needs. Cartoon type characters like those below or more realistic characters such as the one you see on our Home page.  We create explainer type videos consisting of slides and text.

Website Overlays

Our characters can be used as an overlay on any website. We can show you on your own site without needing access. Unless you have SSL security then we need to embed the code directly or have your web designer implement the code. We can of course just show you an example on any of our websites.


These are just some examples of website walk on and stationary overlay characters in our collection. Of course the black background disappears and we add your script and a voice over. 

If you would like to know more about our services please follow the menu link to our Contact Us page or simply use the button below. Leave your name, your telephone number and a suitable time to contact you.