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  • How to have “congruent video funnels”
  • 2 step video funnels and the exact landing pages used
  • High ticket item video sales letters that convert
  • Using “video interconnections” on your video pages
  • Tying in scripts with “video product proof”
  • Ways to show your product in action

In just a few of the case studies, you’ll get access to key points, such as:

  • Creating “video fusion” with opt-in rates of up 74%
  • Talking head video script “connectors”
  • Multiple upsell and downsell video funnels
  • Video marketing “free training content” formulas
  • Flowcharts of 7 figure product launch video sequences
  • Using our “closed loop” video funnel tactics

These episodes are the core of direct response video strategies for businesses that have worked for our clients over the years. This section is filled with all types of video ideas and the different styles of video triggers you can add in the videos you create or outsource. If you’re wondering things like, “I have a video or video idea for my business, but need some direction…” this is for you. You’re going to gain access to what we use to create and develop the video ideas and response boosters for all kinds of promotional website videos, sales page videos, opt-in videos, and talking head videos, consisting of:

  • Outlines, swipe files, and complete blueprints
  • Combining talking head video with PowerPoint
  • Complete workflows for different types of web videos
  • How to tie-in every feature of your product
  • How to convert your website copy to video scripts
  • “Idea Generators” to come up with new content
  • “Plug-N-Play” video script template generators
  • Trigger words for video scripts to insert when needed
  • Promotional talking head video marketing techniques
  • Creating your own talking head videos for offers
  • First frame display tactics and call-to-action triggers
  • Converting audio podcasts to video webinars
  • Exact strategies and examples for acquiring video testimonials

After being around and working with professional presenters for a combined total of 15 years, we’ve broken it down to simple methods to follow that cover:

  • When and how to use Power Point to assist your message
  • Keeping momentum in different types of videos
  • Guidelines and ideas for your presentation
  • Lighting, color, backgrounds, talking heads, and fonts
  • Different styles to keep your fans interested in you
  • The “physiology” of presenting in front of the camera for video
  • Using subliminal background triggers and relevance shots

Find out exactly how to outsource your video creation work or how to streamline the process of doing video yourself. You’ll see exactly how to turn complicated video creation into easy workflow processes that comes from working with hundreds of web video clients over the last 4 years. This module includes outsourcing webinars, rolodexes, step-by-step blueprints, and insider tips on how you can easily have other companies on the web create video for you. You’ll see where you can get custom videos created for ANY budget by selecting a few text, visual, and music options. This module will save you thousands of dollars and costly mistakes as Scott covers what he’s learned from being on both the creator and client side of concept to completion video production over the last 11 years and web video for the last 4 years. We can even show you how to outsource this process completely with:

  • The right way to find and hire talent
  • What to know up front and what to avoid
  • What you should convey when outsourcing your video creation
  • Hiring local video companies, web video companies, and freelancers

We cover all the angles so you can have web video workflow like a pro and save yourself from headaches and lost revenue with:

  • How to convey your call-to-action points
  • How project time lines work
  • Speeding up workflow and time lines
  • Tips for web video integration
  • Workflow tips for choosing stock images
  • Maximizing the “video middleman” strategy

You get access to our constantly updated rolodex of web video companies for:

  • Niche video templates
  • Offline video creation
  • Brandable and intro videos
  • Custom web video creation

If you’ve ever wanted to create a video sales letter, video based product, video training, or do your own video productions, this section is for you. From now on, you never have to go searching around the web for the missing pieces to create video sales letters, as you will have access to complete episodes on:

  • Creating, editing, and publishing screen capture videos
  • Fast, cheap, and easy video creation blueprints
  • Fixing blurry screen capture or video
  • Camtasia & Cam Studio screen capture video training
  • How to create video sales letters with Power Point or Apple Keynote
  • Creating builds, transitions, and effects for engaging presentations

With Scott also being an offline video producer, you’ll go behind the scenes of video production sets so you can see how it’s all done behind the scenes with:

  • Professional “white backdrop” video studio setups
  • The popular 2 camera “jump cut” editing tactic
  • Professional video production set tours of Scott’s clients
  • A-Z technical setups of video sets and how the final videos look

If you ever want to create audio products to accommodate your videos, or just need to edit the audio of your current videos, you get a complete video series that cover the free software “Audacity” where you’ll see the process of:

  • Noise removal
  • Microphone placement
  • Adding background music
  • Recording settings and techniques
  • Getting rid of the “popping P” sound

You get complete step-by-step instructions on creating website videos to save you hours trying to see what works. You also get all our tips, settings, tools, and best practices we recommend for capturing, encoding, and publishing. Choose from plenty of examples, ideas, and processes so you can see what type of video creation process integrates best with your business model. With several different examples and pre-planning ideas for you to pick from, here’s just a few that we cover:

  • Creating and syndicating your webinar recordings
  • Applying content insertions and overlays
  • Creating straightforward presentations
  • Using images with talking head videos
  • Exporting master files for media publishing

If you are new to the web video landscape, it always helps to have a road map to get started so you can know what to do next. You get to access step-by-step blueprints that cover how to create videos for your audience when just starting out and how to get your first video online fast. As someone with an online presence, you get the basics of web video by seeing:

  • How to come up with video creation ideas
  • How to make your video style appeal to your niche markets
  • The basics of video channel marketing
  • Planning out the different elements of video creation
  • Checklists to ensure your videos flow properly
  • Different ways to add podcasts when just starting out

You get access to our video presentations and diagrams covering a wide range of web video practices such as:

  • Script blueprints for talking head video squeeze pages
  • Easy to understand video marketing sequences
  • Proven strategies for repurposing your content
  • Ways to maximum response for talking head videos
  • The quickest ways to make promo videos for your business

Web video marketing, creation, and syndication is all the buzz right now in the new media and social revolution. When syndicating your videos, you’ll need to know where to send them, how to get traffic to them, keyword optimization, and how to use the free and paid distribution video systems. In these episodes, you’ll get the resources and tools that shows you:

  • Applying viral and direct response distribution strategies
  • Targeted traffic generation techniques
  • Submitting, tracking, and monitoring uploaded videos
  • Best practices when creating videos for licensing
  • Establishing yourself as the authority on niche video sites
  • Free and paid video distribution tools and reviews on each
  • Resources for minimizing your video uploads

There are several ways to deploy video on the web and this module gives anyone who knows how to leverage it a true advantage. You can see many of our clients’ successful examples; from landing pages, sales pages, and sites for ‘branding’ with how each was done and how you can do it to. You can use this module to immediately boost video loading time, increase conversion rates, reduce file sizes, and minimize bandwidth bills. Much of this is from what we’ve discovered in our “video labs” or when working with clients and we’ll share all this information with you so have a lifetime advantage over your competition with:

  • Using different types of players
  • Autoplay vs. Non-autoplay methods
  • The best practices for multi-track video players

You see, the number one thing that creates lost sales and lower conversions is a poorly optimized video with load times or buffering issues. The optimization concepts taught in this module are some of the most basic and important. They are the easiest to apply but also the most overlooked. We estimate that more than 90% of people publishing video on the web today either do not realize the importance or just ignore it and hope it all works out on the end user side. Now you can have access to all these different techniques, including our:

  • Video load optimization source codes
  • Working templates for Web 2.0 style start images
  • Lightbox video pop-up scripts for your sites
  • Step-by-step guides on all forms of video publishing

When you add video to a website, it should be optimized and embedded with a professional website player so your viewers can watch your videos without problems. We provide you all the right answers to these ongoing potential issues by showing you the specs for:

  • Bandwidth and buffering
  • Multiple formats and integration
  • Proper sizing and direct embedding

When talking to friends in the offline video world, they tell us they are never quite sure about what it takes to optimize and publish videos on the web. The main points they want to know are the same points you will have access to, that include:

  • The uses for different types of players
  • Mobile media video tactics
  • Access to our rolodex of video players and resources

Over the last three years, we’ve experimented and worked with hundreds of clients to see how different types of website video placement, call-to-action triggers, and optimization techniques work best. You will see all these documentations and insights so you have a lifetime advantage over your competition.  

Now you can take the next step into the future of mobile media, content delivery, and podcasting. Scott has co-developed entire iTunes Stores and Josh owns one of the most respected publishing platforms for delivering podcasts, so we know a thing or two about podcast creation. Podcasting is the wave of the future and if you haven’t expanded into it, then your competition is more than likely taking the lead. In this module, you’ll get access to our:

  • Blueprints to video podcast marketing
  • Podcast site directories, resources, and submission services
  • “All-in-one” video publishing settings for podcasts and mobile media
  • Podcast video creation for mobile media syndication
  • Quicktime and iMovie podcast publishing tips

You can see how to integrate video podcasts into your business instantly for:

  • Tips on showing the perceived value of podcasts
  • Delivering all your content through RSS feeds
  • Publishing your content to the iTunes Store


Start this module by downloading 30 Standard and High-Defintion royalty free brandable video templates and intros. Our clients love this product and have paid up to $117 for this collection! Use these for your talking head videos, social media, and other promotional videos to optimize the visual experience of your message by adding this midas touch. Think about it, even if you have a video that isn’t the best of quality, you can add a professional :15-:30 intro to it and WOW your viewers! Each video comes with brandable and non-brandable options for niche markets such as:

  • Health & Living
  • Wealth & Finance
  • Business & Marketing
  • Training & E-Learning
  • Motivational & Success Mindset

Just think of what it would be like have an “average” video and instantly transform it by giving your video a “theme” like:

  • Hollywood & YouTube
  • Web 2.0 & New Media
  • Big Business & Product Benefits
  • Entertainment & Informational
  • Social Network & Content Sharing

Not only do you get access to the above videos themes and templates, you can access our own extensive royalty-free rolodex whenever you want. Easily add this royalty-free content to any of your videos you are creating or outsourcing. The great thing about royalty-free content is that you can integrate it with any of the “Done-For-You” video creation solutions we recommend so you can customize what your vision is and keep creative control as much as possible. This resource collection is constantly being updated for those who need:

  • Music tracks
  • Brandable video intros
  • Customizable video templates
  • Green screen footage
  • High Definition content
  • Motion design templates
  • Stock imagery and clip art
  • Animations and effects

We constantly access this treasure chest, so regardless of your market, there’s plenty of resources for you to discover. You can see exactly how to “reverse engineer” these resources to come up with creative concepts, ideas, and scripts for your videos. With this little technique, you’ll never get stressed out about coming up with new ideas and content for videos.

There are so many YouTube video marketing integration strategies that get overlooked that you can apply directly into your business. Now you can have the same knowledge our clients have to creating crystal clear videos and all the video marketing practices they use. In these episodes, you’ll get video marketing tools that will show you how to:

  • Get more subscribers, views, and traffic
  • Create short promo videos FAST
  • Keep your YouTube buzz going strong

You also get access to reports that cover:

  • YouTube keyword optimization
  • Key ingredients for low budget videos
  • Best YouTube celebrity style practices
  • Creating a successful YouTube video
  • What kind of practices to avoid
  • How to “enhance” your videos

Simplify the technical hassles with the exact settings for:

  • High quality and High Defintion playback
  • Wide screen specs and parameters
  • Embedding tricks, codes, and hacks
  • Clear video settings for mixing photos and video

Discover all the innovative ways to publish and optimize your media content when delivering free or paid products to your audience. You get access to the strategies, resources, settings, and publishing techniques for delivering any type of media to your end user with simple to follow steps. Whether you’re delivering multimedia through iTunes podcasting, streaming media, or progressive download video, you can see exactly how to simplify the process of:

  • Securing media in blogs and membership blogs
  • Delivering media through content delivery networks
  • Maximizing premium podcast publishing
  • Creating multimedia based membership sites
  • Securing the delivery of your video, podcast, and rss feed content
  • Streaming all your video and using interactive video with a few clicks
  • Step-by-step “click here, now do this” blueprints
  • Progressive download and rtmp cloudfront delivery

For your video marketing, you also get special podcasts that spill the beans on:

  • Keeping customers and subscribers happy while they consume your videos
  • Adding the “all-in-one” content delivery tactics to your marketing
  • How to create your own FREE iTunes Store podcasts
  • The step-by-step approach we share with clients for media delivery
  • Our “email to podcasting” marketing tactics
  • Eliminating multimedia video download link issues for good

Videos can take up loads of bandwidth and you’ll get access to our rolodex of recommended content delivery networks and the complicated world of how they work will be simplified. If you want to use the popular Amazon S3 or Amazon Cloudfront to host all your video content, now you can see how easy it is with our Complete Guide to Amazon S3 and Cloudfront Hosting. This process has now been completely streamlined where you can see right on your screen how to:

  • Create and setup an S3 account
  • Upload and organize videos on S3
  • Manage folders and public access settings
  • Integrate Amazon Cloudfront distribution
  • Embed the right codes for true rtmp streaming video

Just the Amazon S3 section alone contains several videos of pure content. They are simple and complete with, “Here’s how you do this, now go here, then do that” style of delivery so you can figure it out fast.

Your video portal isn’t complete without a packed rolodex for creating your own web video productions. Whether you’re looking for the right lighting, cameras solutions, or tools to use for your video presentations, this module will come in handy for any budget you’re working with. In these episodes, you get a true head start on getting your videos created, so you can make the right decision for:

  • Standard and High-Defintion cameras
  • Lighting and sound resources
  • Top recommended video tools

You can also find out more video tips such as:

  • How to find great prices on video tools
  • Where to go for ongoing research if needed

You also get access to our complete treasure chest of cost saving tools we use that delivers amazing results to all our clients that now have a professional presence on the web. Now you can have that same presence with our:

  • Encoding and video creation tools
  • Web video apps and plug-ins
  • Voice talent rolodex with “members only” pricing

You also get royalty-free music tracks to add to your videos. These tracks can be used for videos that need:

  • Short intros
  • 1 Minute tracks
  • 2 or 3 minute tracks

If you already have a video created and want to add it to your site to generate leads, all you have to do is just use our video squeeze page templates. These are the same style you see big companies and marketers use to get opt-in rates of up to 80%! In simple terms: Video + Video Squeeze Pages = Higher Conversions/More Money You have access to several different packs that include:

  • Tons of options to choose from
  • Color choices for arrows, designs, and backgrounds
  • Web 2.0 images for “Add To Cart”, “Tweet This”, “Tell-A-Friend” and “Social Bookmarking”
  • Complete sets of psd and source files

These designs will slip right inside your video marketing with flexible:

  • Styles of design, professional looks, and with an overall clean feel
  • Email opt-in placements, themed marketing fonts, and trigger elements

You get to see exactly how we built a few other six figure web video businesses from the ground up and how you can do it too. If you’d like to generate profits, create repeat clients and streamline client relations, this might be the one module that can start a new era in your life. You see, not many solo and creative artists that produce web video can say they’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and figured out the positioning strategy that attracts highly affluent repeat clients. However, that’s exactly what we’ve done over the last few years with our video publishing companies and you get access to the complete system right when you join. With this information, you can transform your knowledge of creating web videos into these profitable business models that’s generated beyond six figures without having to pay a dime in advertising. While the other 12 modules were created originally for our own professional use and personal reference, this module was created to answer our customers’ main question, “How do you make money by creating videos for others?” If you share that same question with some of our other customers, then this module will answer that question for you, so here’s exactly what you get:

  • How to develop, craft, and phrase your offers so your clients come to you without resistance
  • How to keep your overhead low without looking cheap to constantly net profits on all your projects
  • Where to get the right start-up resources without spending hours of wasted time
  • How to acquire and maintain great clients while having a constant stream of income and projects
  • How to develop price points so you can match the right offers to your market
  • How to follow-up with clients for more business where the process stays completely natural

After working with hundreds of video creators, we realized there are 6 pieces of criteria you absolutely, positively MUST know for any type of video services business model, and those are:

  • The difference between offline video and web video creation
  • The single most important core factor of web video creation
  • Creating the right offers and packages to fit your market
  • The importance of web video workflow and how to master it
  • Positioning yourself as the “go-to” expert video person
  • Extracting all the right information from your clients with ease

We know the answers to each piece of the criteria and you get access to these answers, that will also include:

  • The complete video creation service overview
  • Key points to avoid any hassles and costly mistakes
  • Webmaster video integration and optimization strategies
  • Working with clients and integrating videos
  • Video creation business models, workflow, and client relations
  • All the strategies we use to create an iron-clad service
  • Client acquisition strategies and market positioning
  • Maintaining great clients who become your biggest fans

In the original version, we filmed a mastermind in Josh’s old studio that covers what will always work in web video creation. This series has been cut down to only include the most relevant, powerful, and up to date content. The episodes are split into quick summaries so you can see the settings, examples, tricks, and resources we recommend. In the original version, you get to discover:

  • Concept to completion workflow
  • Creating “clutter-free” video programs
  • A treasure chest of more time and cost saving tools
  • Outlines and examples for fast web video creation
  • Autoplay and non-autoplay video headline tactics
  • Creating the right message to “match your market”
  • Swipe files we use to double the response rates of clients
  • What video style works best in your niche

This mastermind quickly became one of our most important resources for online video publishing strategies and techniques when it first came out and has proved the test of time with ongoing web video creation. “Okay Josh and Scott, Let’s Wrap This Up!”

Remember, we originally created this membership for our own use. We needed a place we could store our best tools and resources for quick and easy access. This is what our businesses are made of and exactly what we share with our high profile clients and colleagues in our inner circle. We are constantly updating and adding new episodes for you. This is why our members stick around because they love the new “real world” cutting edge content, training, and resources we are constantly adding. Using the information in this portal you will increase the speed, quality and response of your video videos.



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This Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile.

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This Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile.

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This Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile.